On Marketing the Multisport Business with Felipe Loureiro

I recently had a chat with Felipe Loureiro, Multisport Coach & Founder of Breakaway Training located in San Diego, CA.  Breakaway Training is a Premier Multisport Team where Felipe and his group work with all types of athletes ranging from the elite level triathlete, those trying to place in their age group or anyone who has a dream goal to finish a triathlon or a marathon.  Read on to learn more about how Felipe markets Breakaway Training to his target audience:

felipe loureiro san diegoWhat do you enjoy about being a business owner?

In my business, I am able to offer training opportunities for my athletes to get together in a group workout setting.  I really enjoy the ability to provide that social interaction and camaraderie between the athletes while they are each working towards their own personal training goals.

Can you name one goal (personal or business) for 2013?

Continuing to expand the business, reaching out to beginner, intermediate, and seasoned athletes and helping them to achieve their endurance sport goals.

What type of activities do you take part in both online and offline to find new leads?

Breakaway Training has a very active website that is connected with many of the popular social media networks.  Races, events, and athletes are regularly featured online which keeps our athletes connected as well as staying very connected to the triathlon community as a whole.

We also sponsor many local races and events and are frequently seen and available at expos with our Breakaway Training booth.

If you have used social media, how has it worked for you?  Was there a specific network that worked better than another?  Please explain.

We are very active in the social media realm – it keeps our business and athletes strongly connected to each other and the triathlon community.

 Breakaway Training can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube.

On our blog, we are able to share how proud we our of our athletes by providing a recap of the current races.  Our athletes get recognition for the races they have participated in.  We post our blog and pictures (tagging the athletes) on Facebook and Twitter allowing their family and friends to see their success!

Felipe Loureiro Breakaway Training San Diego

Can you name a marketing activity that has worked and tell us why?

Social media is one the best marketing tools because that exposure allows people to get a glimpse of what Breakaway Training is all about. We receive many messages asking questions about our posts and pictures.  This interest has frequently lead to new clients.

Do you have a personal mantra?

“There are 24 Hours in a day. We typically sleep 8 and work 8 but it’s what we do with the other 8 that counts. Some pack those eight hours with as much training, motivation, passion, pain and joy as their bodies can contain. They will not settle for ordinary; their enthusiasm propels them into the extraordinary. They are endurance athletes.”

Is there someone that you look up to – someone who was always right behind you, supporting and cheering you on?

My family!  My wife, kids, parents, in-laws…. Breakaway Training is a part of our family’s lifestyle, we train together, race together, spectate together.  My family’s support in all aspects truly contributes to the business being a success!

Nytro Men's Team presented by Breakaway Training

Nytro Men’s Team presented by Breakaway Training

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